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Leader of the Patriots of Russia Party Gennady Semigin
Photo: Grigoriy Sobchenko
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Sep. 07, 2007
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Communists, Patriots Name Their Leaders
The Communist Party of the Russian Federation has announced the trio that will top its party list for the Duma elections later this year. CPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov will top the list, assuming, as he modestly added at a press conference yesterday, the party conferences scheduled for September 22 approve him. He added that Nobel Prize winning member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Duma member Zhores Alferov would also be in the trio.
Secretary of the central committee of the CPRF Duma member Oleg Kulikov explained that 15 candidates were introduced at regional conferences and nine of them selected. Besides Zyuganov and Alferov, who is not a party member, they include two other Duma members first deputy chairman of the central committee of the CPRF Ivan Melnikov and former cosmonaut and Hero of the Soviet Union Svetlana Savitskaya, as well as deputy chairman of the central committee of the CPRF Vladimir Kashin and mathematician Boris Kashin, who is not a party member.

It is possible that Melnikov will be in the top three in Moscow, Vladimir Kashin in Moscow Region, Savitskaya in St. Petersburg, and so on.

Leader of the Patriots of Russia Party Gennady Semigin also held a press conference yesterday, at which he stated that he would head his party's list, and the following two places may go to non-party members. Leader of the Renaissance of Russia Party Gennady Seleznev has already stated that he may fill one of those places. His party, which changed its name to Patriotic Forces For the Fatherland in January, has not completed reregistration yet and will not run independently.

Semigin confirmed that negotiations were underway with Great Russia leader Dmitry Rogozin. Great Russia was denied registration. A source in the party told Kommersant that chances of Rogozin, former leader of the Rodina Party, appearing on the Patriot's party list were not great, since there are people in the Kremlin who are sharply against it. Rogozin confirmed that such an attitude exists toward him and former Rodina bloc leader Sergey Glazyev.

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